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Arq Backs Up to Google Cloud Storage Nearline!

Arq 4.10 is now available, and it includes support for backing up to Google’s just-announced “nearline” storage!

Google Cloud Storage Nearline

Google’s new nearline storage is excellent for backups. Nearline pricing is super-cheap, like Amazon’s Glacier, but without Glacier’s hassles and confusing restore fee structure. Uploading is free. Downloading (if you need to restore) is $.12/GB for data transfer plus $.01/GB nearline-retrieval fee.

If you’re already paying for a Dropbox or Google Drive account with lots of storage, you can use Arq to back up to that storage. But if you want to only pay for what you use, Google Cloud Storage Nearline seems just about perfect.

Download Arq from here (free trial), or pick “Check for Updates” from Arq’s menu to get the update (it’s a free update for all Arq 4 customers).