Arq backs up your files.

You control your data.

Arq® is backup software for your Mac or Windows PC.


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Version 7.1.8 for macOS Released 23 February 2021 Release Notes
Version for Windows Released 24 February 2021 Release Notes
"more reliable and easier to use than CrashPlan" MacWorld review


Arq Backup protects whichever files you tell it to back up, automatically.

Backups are stored in your cloud account or NAS or SFTP server so you don't lose your files.

No one else can read your backups because everything is encrypted before it leaves your computer with a password only you know.

Go back in time.

Arq keeps multiple snapshots of your files — a backup history. So if you discover a file was corrupted, or accidentally deleted, or encrypted by a ransomware attack, you can go back and get the old version.

Back up to
your own
cloud account.

Arq Backup integrates with many different cloud providers. So if you have a cloud account with some extra space available, use it for encrypted, versioned backups of your important files.

You can also back up to an SFTP server or an external drive or a NAS.

Or back up to all of the above! Arq can back up to multiple destinations.

We also offer Arq Premium: the same great app but with built-in storage.

Lots and
lots of

Efficient — compression, de-duplication, block-level incremental backup

Unlimited backup — backs up any file size, file type, external drive, network share

Versioned file backup — keeps multiple versions of your files; if you discover a file is corrupted, go back in time to get an earlier version

Unlimited retention — keeps backups of your USB drives even if you never reconnect them

Ransomware protection — point-in-time recovery of files

Restore right from the app — no downloading of zip files

Configurable to your needs:

  • back up hourly or daily
  • prevent backup on specific Wi-Fi networks and/or network interfaces
  • prevent backup while on battery power
  • limit bandwidth usage
  • limit retention to reduce storage usage
  • custom file/folder exclusion rules
  • include network shares

Awesome customer service

Stable, self-funded, owner-operated, profitable company since 2009

Happy customers!

Hey @arqbackup . You just saved my bacon because I was in a hurry and did not pay attention. Because of you, no files were harmed, no data was lost. #backup #backup #backup #alwaysbackup

15 Feb 2020

Bought @arqbackup today - great backup software.

16 Dec 2019

Thank you @arqbackup . I've been using you to back up since 2016 with no real recovery needs, but today you saved my bacon and I easily recovered something I deleted by accident.

12 Sep 2019

I feel like I don’t give my cloud backup software enough love.
@arqbackup makes Mac/Windows backup to the Cloud to a plethora of platforms super easy.
I would highly recommend it for an off-site backup solution. I use it both for my desktop and laptop.

8 Jun 2019

Love @arqbackup. First time restoring a folder I accidentally deleted that Windows couldn't recover. Quick and easy.

3 Apr 2019

External Harddrive died with ~250 Gigs if Pictures of mostly my Family. Thankfully had @arqbackup set up and currently restoring everything. Thanks, you guys rock!

8 Feb 2019

Successfully used @arqbackup to restore over 1TB of data from @backblaze B2 storage. I’ve used Arq to restore a file or two here and there, but this is the first time restoring from a complete disk failure. Great to see it worked so well!

16 Oct 2018

If you are looking for an affordable cloud backup system that supports strong crypto and differential backups, make sure you check out @arqbackup…

A big THANK YOU to ARQ for consistently quick responses to email support Q’s and staff that know EXACTLY how to fix the problem…

2 Aug 2018

Using @arqbackup to retrieve 200 GBs of photos after a destroyed laptop incident is seriously amazing.

20 June 2018

Thanks to @arqbackup for their help getting my backups working again after a Windows update messed up multiple installed applications, even though the root problem wasn't to do with Arq.

15 June 2018

We've been building trust for a long time

Arq has been in development since 2008 and on the market since 2009. We've spent a decade so far improving Arq's reliability and simplicity and providing excellent customer service.

We're a stable, profitable company with no outside-investor pressures, so we can always do what's right for our customers.

The result is a brand trusted by 100,000+ people to protect their files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Support Options
I need assistance with Arq. How do I contact the Arq support team?
We provide support via email. Please email for assistance. We strive to answer emails within 1 business day.
Do do offer support via Twitter?
We announce things on Twitter and we try to keep up with incoming questions, but we're much more effective via email. Please email for assistance.
Licenses and Subscriptions
What is the difference between Arq 7 and Arq Premium?
Arq 7 is an app that you install on your Mac or Windows PC that backs up your files to whatever storage location you configure (see "Back up to your own cloud account" above).
Arq Premium is a subscription that includes a license for Arq 7 on up to 5 computers plus a built-in cloud storage option that we manage for you. It includes web access to your backups. Additional GBs over the 1TB of storage are billed at $.0059/GB per month.
What updates are included with an Arq 7 license?
When you purchase an Arq 7 license, you keep the app you bought forever. You also receive one free year of app updates. After your first year of updates, you can subscribe to additional years of updates at $25 USD per year per computer. More details in our Arq 7 Pricing FAQ.
I purchased a "lifetime" license code for Arq 5 or Arq 4. Can I use it with Arq 7?
Yes. If you had Arq 5 installed when you installed Arq 7, Arq 7 will use the lifetime license information from Arq 5's configuration files.
Arq 7 Backward Compatibility
Is Arq 7 backward-compatible with Arq 6, Arq 5, Arq 4, etc?
Yes. Arq 7 is completely backward-compatible with backup sets created by Arq 6, Arq 5, Arq 4, etc.