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Arq® automatically backs up all your Macs and Windows PCs.
Your files are stored securely, readable only by you.

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Latest Arq release for Mac: 5.14.3 Shipped 14 December, 2018 Release Notes
Latest Arq release for Windows: 5.13.3 Shipped 4 December, 2018 Release Notes
"more reliable and easier to use than CrashPlan" MacWorld review March 2017

Set up fast

Get backups going in less than a minute.

Back up faster

Built-in compression and de-duplication reduce upload times.

Secure and private

Zero-knowledge backup: Everything is encrypted before it leaves your computer, with a key only you know.

Go back in time

Arq keeps multiple versions of your files — a backup history. So if you discover a file was corrupted or accidentally deleted, you can go back and get the old version.

Back up external hard drives, NAS files, whatever you want. Arq has no limits.

The best backup software for Mac is now available for Windows users too.

Owen Williams, TheNextWeb

Open and transparent

Arq stores your encrypted backups in a format that's open and documented. Store the data in your own Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Web Services (S3 or Glacier), Backblaze B2, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage (including "Nearline"), Dropbox, OneDrive account, your own SFTP server, or a folder on your NAS.

There's even an open-source restore tool, so advanced users can use the app's credentials to access the data directly.

Knowing where your backups are and being able to see the data directly brings peace of mind.

I'm a huge fan of Arq. It's reliable, easy to use, inexpensive, and keeps getting better. I highly recommend it.

rgrove on Hacker News

We've been doing this for a while

Arq has been on the market since 2009. We've spent 8+ years improving the reliability and simplicity. The result is a brand trusted by tens of thousands of people to protect their data.

@arqbackup is by far the best backup tool I've ever used. Love it.

@creativedutch on Twitter

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