Get Arq 6 for Mac

  1. PLEASE NOTE: Arq 6 is not currently backward-compatible with Arq 5 backup data.
    An Arq 5 compatibility mode for Arq 6 will be ready by end of June 2020 if not sooner.
    If you're currently using Arq 5 and want to reuse your backup data, please wait until then to upgrade.
  2. Click the button below to download Arq 6:

      Download Arq 6 for Mac      or Get Arq 6 for Windows
  3. Open the Downloads folder and double-click Arq6.pkg to install Arq.
  4. When Arq launches, enter your email address and click Start Trial (or click Enter License Code if you already have a license code).
  5. Click "Create a new backup plan".
  6. Click Next to choose to back up all drives.
  7. Select Arq Cloud Storage free trial, or click Add Storage Location to back up to your own external drive, NAS, or cloud account.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Choose an encryption password if you want to keep your backups private.
  10. If you chose Arq Cloud Storage free trial, choose a password for your account.
  11. Quit Arq when you've finished configuring. Arq Agent will run in the background and do the backup work for you.

Of course, if you have any questions please email us at so we can help.