Restoring Files

Restoring your files from an Arq backup set is straightforward:

  1. If the storage location of your backup records isn’t already configured in Arq, click the + sign next to “Storage Locations” to configure the storage location.

  2. Click the “Storage Locations” section header to expand the list and find your backup set.

  3. Click on the backup set.

  4. Click the Restore tab on the right.

    • If the backup set was created by Arq 5, you’ll see a list of the folders in the backup set. Click “View Backup Records” next to the one you want to restore from.
  5. The latest snapshot (Arq 6) or backup record (Arq 5) will be shown. To choose a different snapshot/backup record, click “Snapshots…” or “Backup Records…” on the top right.

  6. Check the checkboxes next to the items you wish to restore.

  7. Choose a restore location option – original location, desktop, or other location.

  8. Click the Restore button.

Restoring from Glacier

If your backup data are stored in AWS Glacier, restoring can take several hours because of the way Glacier works. Arq must first request that the needed objects be made “downloadable”. This can take 3-5 hours or more. As objects become downloadable, Arq will restore (download) the data.

Restoring from an Active Backup Plan

If you want to find the latest backup record for an active backup plan:

  1. If the “Active Backups” list isn’t expanded, click on the “Active Backups” list header to expand it.

  2. Click on your backup plan.

  3. Go to step 4 above.