Moving To a New Computer

If you’ve replaced your computer and want to “reuse” the backup data on the new computer instead of creating a new backup set, you can “adopt” the old computer’s backup set.

WARNING: You must ensure the old computer is no longer using the backup set. If the old computer is still active and has Arq installed, select the backup plan on the old computer and click the Detach button to tell Arq to stop using it.

Adopting a Backup Set

  1. If the storage location of your backup records isn’t already configured in Arq, click the + sign next to “Storage Locations” to configure the storage location.

  2. Click the “Storage Locations” section header to expand the list and find your backup set.

  3. Click on the backup set you wish to adopt and click the Adopt button bottom right.

Arq will read the backup plan information from the backup set and add it as an active backup plan under the “BACK UP” section in the main window.