Arq 6 vs Arq Premium

Arq backs up your files automatically so you don’t lose them. We offer 2 options:

  1. Arq 6: backup app you use with your own storage
  2. Arq Premium: Arq 6 app plus built-in storage and web access to your backups

Arq 6

Arq is an app that backs up your files to your cloud storage account or NAS:

Choose an encryption password and Arq will encrypt backup data before it’s uploaded so no one can read your stuff in the cloud.

If you deleted or overwrite a document and you want the old version back, restore it from an older backup record.

If your computer is lost or stolen, install Arq on a new computer and restore all your files.

Arq 6’s one-time license fee includes all Arq 6.x updates.

Arq Premium

Arq Premium is a subscription service that includes the Arq app for up to 5 computers plus:

An Arq Premium subscription includes the Arq app (and all updates) plus 1 TB of storage and up to 5 computers. (Additional storage usage is billed monthly per GB over 1 TB).