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Arq backs up to Polycloud from CrowdStorage

Polycloud is a new cloud storage offering inexpensive object storage and increased protection from events that disrupt traditional data centers.

With Polycloud you get inexpensive storage with no extra transaction fees or data transfer fees like many other providers charge. It’s geo-redundant storage for only $4/TB per month! And it’s green — they’re reusing existing storage devices.

Polycloud does erasure coding of each data object into 40 pieces and sends each piece to 40 places. To read the data back they only need any 20 of the 40 original pieces, so they find the fastest 20 and stream them back in parallel.

To use Arq with Polycloud, click the + button bottom left to add a storage location:

Choose “S3-Compatible Server” and click Continue:

Enter the Polycloud URL and your access key and secret key and click Continue:

Choose “Use existing bucket” and click Continue:

Click the + button again to create a new backup plan:

Follow the prompts to select the storage location, enter an encryption password, and optionally customize the settings:

That’s all there is to it! By default Arq will back up all your drives every hour to Polycloud. Edit the backup plan to change settings like which files to back up, how often, retention settings, bandwidth limits, email reports, etc.

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