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Arq 6 Next Steps

Arq 6 has been out for just about a week now. Unfortunately quite a few people experienced problems with importing Arq 5 settings and data.

I sincerely apologize for that.

Arq 5 Compatibility

We’ve removed the feature for importing Arq 5 data into Arq 6 format because of too much incompatibility between the 2 apps’ configuration approaches.

Instead we’re working on adding an Arq 5 compatibility mode which will function just as Arq 5 did — same folder structure, same exclusion process, same path-based file selection (on Mac), same Network Volume feature (on Windows).

We plan to deliver compatibility mode before end of June 2020. (Update July 4th: We need a few more weeks!)

If you want to reuse the data and settings you used in Arq 5, please uninstall Arq 6 and install Arq 5 for now.

  • To uninstall Arq 6 on Windows: Go to Add or Remove Programs, click on Arq 6, and click Uninstall.
  • To uninstall Arq 6 on Mac, click Settings in Arq 6, then click the Uninstall button.
  • To download Arq 5 click here or scroll to the bottom of the download page.
  • If you purchased an Arq 6 license and you’d rather cancel your purchase and get a refund than wait for the Arq 5 compatibility feature, please email and we’ll do that.

User Interface Changes

We built a new user interface for Arq 6. Arq 5 was looking very dated (it looked the same as it did in 1997). We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the UI and have taken it to heart. We’re going to rework the UI to be cleaner, more compact, and laid out more like Arq 5.

Rapid Updates

We’re working as quickly as humanly possible to make Arq 6 more robust and add the features described above.

We will eventually address all the issues. It’s what we’ve always done, for 10 years now. It’s how we’ve earned your trust over the years.

We strive to do the right thing, including explaining what happened when we make missteps. We ask for your patience.

Thanks for reading.

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