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Arq 5: Massively faster backup and restore

Today we released Arq 5, and we’re really excited about it! We implemented a bunch of the most-requested features, and we worked hard on improving the performance.

Big Price Change

With Arq 5 we’re switching from per-computer licenses to per-user licenses! Buy one license and use it on all your Macs and PCs!

Way Faster

Arq 5 is faster in several ways:

  • It uses LZ4 for compression for a 6x speed improvement.
  • It uses multiple threads to back up, to restore, and to lots of other housekeeping tasks.
  • It uses a lot less local disk space for caching information.

More Network Control

With Arq 5 you can restrict not only which Wifi networks Arq uses, but also which network interfaces it uses. No more backing up while tethered to your phone!


Type a filename into the search box to find all versions of files matching the name. Select the file version you want and drag and drop to restore.

Session Logs

Arq 5 keeps a log of each backup session detailing start and end time, how much was scanned, how much was uploaded, and any errors that occurred.


Arq 5 can email you a report with a lot of detail, including statistics like amount scanned, amount uploaded, and even the list of files uploaded if you wish.

Run Script

Arq 5 can run a script before and/or after the backup, in case you need to mount a network share before backup or kick off a task when backup is complete.

Open Data Format

As always, Arq has an open, published data format. The details of how Arq encrypts and stores your backups are clearly documented. It’s your data after all, so you should know how it’s stored.

Windows Network Volume Support

On Windows, Arq can now back up to and from network shares.

Windows Open Files Support

On Windows, Arq can now back up open/locked files, like your Outlook pst file.

S3 “Infrequent Access” Storage Class Support

Check the checkbox in the destination preferences and Arq will store objects using the Infrequent Access storage class.

Other Features

There are lots more improvements tucked into the nooks and crannies of Arq. Basically we tried to fix everything that was annoying!


Arq 5 is $49.99 per user, or $24.99 per user if you’re upgrading from Arq 4.

Download it now at!

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