s3delete is a simple utility that deletes every version of every file within a given prefix in an S3 bucket.

It's handy for testing whether the immutable-backups feature of your cloud backup app is working.

usage: s3delete region endpoint[/path/to/directory]


macOS: s3delete.pkg
SHA256(s3delete.pkg)= 3eff584dca998c33ef07c21bf2c81b181eb8b71873f73aec1210c12ad1259358
Windows: s3delete.exe
SHA256(s3delete.exe)= 4701e060e8b9aa9d68aa0e0c7af71f57f5d6708b6f01e29959537e474505d881


To use s3delete, set 2 environment variables, AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY, to your S3 access key ID and secret access key respectively.


$ /usr/local/bin/s3delete us-east-2 https://s3-us-east-2.amazonaws.com/arq-object-lock/C9916BA5-C178-46FB-9852-109E429A913A
s3delete [www.arqbackup.com/s3delete]
This will permanently delete all versions of all objects in https://s3-us-east-2.amazonaws.com/arq-object-lock/C9916BA5-C178-46FB-9852-109E429A913A
Continue? (Y/n): Y
To confirm you want to delete everything, type 'permanently delete': permanently delete
deleting all versions of all objects in /arq-object-lock/C9916BA5-C178-46FB-9852-109E429A913A

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