Back up and Validate

If you select your backup plan in the main window and then pick “Back up and Validate…” from the menu, Arq backs up your files but for each object that has already been uploaded (by a prior backup) Arq verifies the existing object’s contents.

This feature is only enabled for storage locations that do not have APIs that return checksums, including folder/NAS and SFTP.

WARNING: Validation will download a significant amount of data from your storage location. If your storage location has data-transfer-out fees this will incur a cost. Also, the increased data transfer may affect you if your ISP has a data cap.

If your storage location is either SFTP or a folder (local folder or network share) Arq downloads the contents of each existing blob, calculate its checksum, and verify it’s the correct checksum.

If your storage location isn’t SFTP or a folder:

If an existing object is missing or doesn’t contain the expected contents, Arq uploads the correct contents to replace it.