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Google Cloud Storage Classes

Google Cloud Storage offers multiple storage classes, including Multi-Regional, Regional, Nearline and Coldline.

Coldline and Nearline

Coldline storage is probably the best choice for your Arq backup data. But if you expect to restore data often, Nearline might be a bit cheaper.

Nearline and Coldline storage "are intended for infrequently accessed data". In addition to normal data transfer charges ($.12 per GB for data transfer out in most destinations), you incur $.01 per GB for reading Nearline storage data, and $.05 per GB for reading Coldline storage data. Nearline data deleted in less than 30 days incurs a minimum 30-day charge. Coldline data deleted in less than 90 days incurs a minimum 90-day charge.


"Standard" storage comes in 2 flavors -- regional and multi-regional. Multi-regional storage is geo-redundant and is a bit more expensive.

If you choose a multi-region location but coldline or nearline storage class, Google will store the data in one of the regions that make up the multi-region location.

Full bucket location details are here:


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