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After using Arq flawlessly to back up two Macs over 2 to 3 years, I have never needed to restore files. Until today. Could be the Yosemite upgrade, who knows, but today I realized a folder of almost a GB of important writing and course resources had vanished. I simply found the Arq backup of last week, and promptly and easily restored the files, saving me weeks of literature searches. Arq works, as you have promised.

R. Navarro

@arqbackup is like the best engineered backup app ever, super recommended, it works with Glacier, S3, Google <3 http://www.haystacksoftware.com/arq/


@arqbackup is by far the best backup tool I've ever used. Love it.


Was all stressed about moving source files for cloud backup from hard drive to NAS. Turns out it was utterly painless. Thanks, @arqbackup!


Will likely cancel my backblaze account and, instead, use @arqbackup to backup to the 1TB Dropbox Pro account. One less recurring bill.


OMG, Arq backup to S3 is so much faster than anything I’ve used, including backblaze http://www.haystacksoftware.com/arq/

Alex Marchant

Arq Backs Up to Your @Dropbox Account. This sounds like a great way to use all the empty space left.

Roberto Mateu

ARQ from @arqbackup just added the super cheap and easy to use Google Nearline Storage. YES!

Duran Goodyear

@arqbackup Thumbs up for adding Nearline support so promptly!

Eugene Janusov

When my parents bought an iMac in 2013, they opted not to buy an external drive for Time Machine. They never did buy a drive, but I configured Arq for them. When their internal drive failed three weeks ago, they thought they lost their 40GB of data, including critical and irreplaceable financial documents and spreadsheets. They had been skeptical of cloud storage despite my showing them their encrypted files in Google Drive, but that changed when I fully restored their files using Arq. Thanks to your app, the hardest part was safely transporting the iMac to/from an Apple Store for warranty replacement.
I myself have been using Arq since 2010, and fully restored 300GB from S3 in 2012 when my SSD corrupted and found my Time Machine was months behind.
There is no question: Arq is an absolute must.
We will be lifelong customers and advocates.
Thank you,

Eric M.

After using your product for 6 days trial, we purchased Arq with lifetime upgrades; awesome cloud storage backup solution for OS X El Capitan and Windows 8.1 Pro, awesome response to support questions, nice job. You can quote us. Results using Google Drive Business Unlimited: 343 GB in past 6 days after learning curve; pretty darn good. We highly recommend using this product!

Thank you,

Lucas A.

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