Arq Help

Setting Up Google Cloud Storage

Before you can use Google Cloud Storage with Arq, you'll need to configure your account via the Google Developers Console.

  1. Log into the Google Developers Console.
  2. Click "Select a Project" at the top and then pick "Create a project..." from the menu. Call it "Arq Backup Data", or whatever you want. Wait a few seconds while Google creates the project.
  3. In your new project, click the gear icon at the top right and pick "Project billing settings" from the menu. Click the button "Enable billing" and follow the steps to enable billing for the project.
  4. Click "Home" on the left and note your "Project Number" listed at the top of the page -- you'll need to give that to Arq.
  5. In Arq's preferences, Destinations tab, click the + button to add a destination. Choose "Google Cloud Storage" and log in. Then enter your project number when prompted.

That's it! Now that you've added the destination, you can pick "Add Folder to Backups" from Arq's menu to add folders for backup, or pick "Add Home Folder to Backups" to have Arq back up your home folder minus log files and trash.